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Saints of Servanthood


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

We were called to serve each other
Our spouse above ourselves, to work together
We need to learn to bend
If we refuse, humbleness comes to a screeching end
To consider a way that will help communication be clear
We must put in the effort, hand to the plough here
We have to learn each other and what works best
To stretch us and exercise our willingness
If a way doesn’t make us grow, it’s laziness
And if a way we are asked to do something, we don’t need God’s help to do it
Then we miss out on another opportunity to walk in The Spirit
If we are unwilling to put in the work, nothing gets done
Neglecting the high calling of God’s Kindgom
To labor for the harvest, bringing in the sheaves
We have to be willing to roll up our sleeves
To gird our loins for mobility
Displaying a covenant in pure humility
To be lowly saints
Good and faithful servants
In our marriage, with our spouse
We will serve the Lord, me and my house

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