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Show Me The Way


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

Love has great faith
Believing what the Lord saith

Not just a hearer, but a doer of the Word
Laying down one’s life in a wicked world

Faith is knowing with expectancy and confidence
Love is never fair and rarely makes sense

Love looks crazy to those who have no understanding
Trying to figure out on their own, everything

But, love just knows and stands firm
Love doesn’t have to explain and isn’t moved by the storm

Love is patient and kind
Love is the Word inside Christ’s heart and mind

Love is holy, pure and sound
Love doesn’t have to fear, nor anxiously look around

Love is immovable, an anchor for the soul
Love lives inside of you where ever you go

Love is the tree that bears orchards of fruit
Love has no beginning or end but has a deep root

Branches that cover for shade and support
Love always heals every hurt

Takes you places you thought you would never go
Gives you space to stretch out and encourages you to grow

Pushes you to greatness
Fulfilling righteousness

Love never fails, always believes
Willing to work, bringing in the sheaves

Love never works alone
Faith hushes the heart’s groan

Faith secures one’s stance
To twirl love in the heart as a slow dance

Sown together with a thread of gold
The Blood brushed over the heart’s threshold

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