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Slippery Slope


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

It is never one sided, don’t get it twisted
Both of us fail God and drifted
There’s no one right nor one to blame
We are one flesh and in the same
One may persevere longer
But, God allows this to make our faith stronger
There is none good, but God alone
Don’t count ourselves better, our sin will be shown
When we think we are greater than another
We find ourselves summonsed to our Father
Better is one day in His court than elsewhere
God’s merciful hand snatching us out of the enemy’s snare
Need Scripture to believe me
Read and study Psalm 73
God will break us both, that’s a guarantee
Because He is perfecting us to be holy
When will we submit and obey God
When we both cry mercy from His rod
When will we nestle in our role
When we call on God to make us whole
When will we come in agreement as one
When we desire God’s will be done
When will we discipline ourselves
When we see God is greater than our troubles
When will we come together in the same mind and Spirit
When we stop throwing our selfish fit
When will we bring God glory
When we take His calling seriously
When will we shine God’s light for all to see
When we display God’s covenant in our holy matrimony

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