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Good evening my Brothers and sisters in the Faith, I’m going to share a message from the Lord, about the attacks in the spiritual Realm, for the natural is not the reality, but the supernatural.

Beloved, we are living in a day and dwelling in an hour, where God is separating the wheat from the tares, he’s exposing those who want to “talk” salvation but not live it for what it is, you have Pastors trying to tell people how to be “Rich” and how to have “Prosperity” proclaiming they were sent by God, but we know that is an antichrist spirit thereof.

We are to go preach the gospel and it’s fullness thereof, with holy boldness, preaching against sin, preaching repentance and the remission of sins all in the name of Jesus with the abundance of love.

Apostle Paul said in Colossians 4:6 “LET YOUR SPEECH BE ALWAY WITH GRACE, SEASONED WITH SALT, THAT YE MAY KNOW HOW YE OUGHT TO ANSWER EVERY MAN”. The Salt that Apostle Paul speaks of, is the Truth in the Word of God, for many are preaching the Gospel without the salt, the seasoning, and therefore the word falls short when it’s not preached in it’s fullness.

Unfortunately, the devil has raised up his false teachers, deceiving the flock especially the new babes in the Faith that are still on the milk of the Word, who needs to hear about the truth, but instead they are hearing these Televangelists, wolves in sheep’s clothing who are not truly saved but want put the pew to slumber, for because they don’t have the Holy Ghost, they don’t want anybody else to be filled with the spirit either

Jesus said in these last days, there will be a famine in the Land, for the Bible says in Amos 8:11 BEHOLD, THE DAYS COME, SAITH THE LORD GOD, THAT I WILL SEND A FAMINE IN THE LAND, NOT A FAMINE OF BREAD, NOR A THIRST FOR WATER, BUT OF HEARING THE WORDS OF THE LORD”. Saints, this is part of the great falling away that the Lord has told us will come to pass before he returns.

The Lord told me, this is “Spiritual Blindness” because these individuals are led by their flesh, and “their” words, not the will of God, for they don’t have my Holy Spirit, they are walking through life spiritually in the dark, because they don’t truly know me, neither have they genuinely sought After me, so because their Master is the devil, They are masquerading themselves as Angels of light to “deceive” many, and if it were possible, the very elect.

Brothers and Sisters, take heed, enough of the fighting against your brethren, about this doctrine and that doctrine, my denomination or your denomination, but therefore beloved, put on the whole Armour of God, for there is the enemy that is out to get us all, no matter your race, gender or your lifestyle, put your attention to putting him under our feet and not letting him have Dominion over you.

Don’t be spiritually blind, don’t close your heart to God’s truth, don’t forsake his word and push your own agenda, but therefore endure the Hardness of a good soldier, and therefore run on, in HOLINESS and see what the end is going to be, for God isn’t looking for polished preachers or people that look good, he’s looking for obedience, and those willing to Repent and live Holy.

Get right Church – the end is near.

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