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Spiritual Weight


Joshua Wilson

Good Morning to you all. The Lord laid this message on my heart today, and I am going to pass it along. In our lives, We look at our physical diet, and see we are not where we should be weight wise, we feel the effects of it, whether it’s a sickness like High blood pressure, Diabetes, high Cholesterol, or knee, back pain but we do something about it, right? Then your Health improves. Now..what about our Spirit? You could be the most fit and Active person…and STILL be Obese, How so?

You have let the devil come in, and Lay pounds of weight on your spirit! You get up every day, worrying, panicking, feeling the Weight of the World on your shoulders, you look at your Bills that need to be paid, and you don’t have the money to pay them, you look at your Marriage, it could be slowly falling apart as you and your spouse continue to argue about what you are going to do about it, you look at your Children, and they are not obeying your Authority, you just feel so overwhelmed, so you feel the Spiritual effects, so you fall into depression, you have no get up, and the devil is convincing you that God has failed, but Beloved I come to tell the Body of Christ today to PRAY, Let those weights Go!

God is control, the Bible says in Matthew 11:28 ” COME UNTO ME, ALL YE THAT LABOUR AND ARE HEAVY LADEN, AND I WILL GIVE YOU REST”. Surrender it all unto the Lord, stop trying to carry that burden yourself, We CANNOT handle it! The devil wants to discourage you, he wants to scare you and say prayer won’t work because if God loved you, you wouldn’t be here in the first place, Drown out the Noise! I am a living witness! Go to the Alter in Prayer, and no matter what Man may try to threaten you with, God has your Back, for the Battle is not Ours, Brethren, it is the Lords. Stand STILL, WAIT on him, and you will see the Salvation of the Lord. Be Encouraged. – Joshua Wilson.


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