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Stepped into Servanthood


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

Two years ago this day
He was on his way

To come get me and make me his wife
A new beginning, a new life

I was walking up to the house of a client
A zebra, he calls it to cheer me up, clinched his teeth on my leg, to the ground I went

I screamed and cried, I’m suppose to get married this day
The owners got their dog and helped me up from the ground I lay

They asked to take me to the hospital
I said, no, I just want to go home is all

I messaged the man that was coming for me what happened
Just let yourself in as I propped up my leg that bled

It wasn’t long I waited before he walked in
He got down on his knees, a true humble servant

My wound he cleaned and bandaged
Only a scar now remains from what was damaged

He took me out for our first meal together
We get to the court house, I got scared and felt under the weather

Just take me home, I said
He didn’t like that, but did

God reminded me, our vows were already spoken on January first
So the next day I took courage to walk in integrity, fear was no longer rehearsed

Patient he was, patient he is now, with relief of a sigh
What all happened in between those two years, only God truly knows why

Since that first day, we have been through many attacks
But, with at least one of us, faith never lacks

We have been wounded, but healed
By the Holy Ghost and Christ’s blood we are sealed

Truly, two are better than one
With God as our main cord of three, every battle we have won

There will be many troubles in marriage, God’s Word says so
And he will deliver us out of each one, this I testify and confidently know

Psalm 50:15
And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.

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