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Testify Meekness


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

Mine husband committed to be meek on purpose

Day 3

Yes, this has been an amazing 3 days
To You O God I give the praise
For putting it in mine husband’s heart
To allow Your Spirit to rise and self to depart
Giving me an even greater desire to obey and serve you and him
Thank you for Your holy fruit that hangs on every limb
To see all that is good to eat and live
And not just live but a deeper love to give
I praise you God for years of prayers you have answered
Thank you for Your Living Word, that double edged Sword
Bless mine husband in ways he would never have thought to imagine
Thank You for our covenant You are protecting
For growing his desire to please You
Bless him in all he will do
May everything his hands touch be blessed
May other’s hearts be healed and marriages also rest
Bless him for his discipline to live a stewardship life
And may you pour those blessings to him through me, his wife
To submit and serve him without thought or question
With all gratefulness and admiration
Seeing You in all he says and does
Thank You for softening his heart and not leaving it the way it was
Thank you for making him head over me
To lead me daily in true humility
Keep him in all of your ways
To You O God I give the praise

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