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Thank You!


Brother Bush and Give Your Witness Family!

I personally thank God for each of you for your fellowship and support on this page with Give Your Witness Ministry. We can’t do this walk without you and your encouragement. All of y’all are a blessing to each of us and everyone who reads. Your presence here is cherished and known.

God has called us to edify one another and I encourage you to continue to edify as you are doing. There are times I “feel” like I am not an encouragement or a blessing to anyone when I am sharing a struggle and my pain in a trial or standing in the fire, yet many say I am. I know they speak truth because we live by The Spirit and not by our feelings. And today, I am here to tell you, you are an encouragement and blessing too, no matter what you feel and are going though. Especially, when sharing with someone what you suffer, for prayer and Godly counsel by His Word and Spirit, is counted an encouragement and blessing in ways we can not comprehend.

We are called to give and it is so hard to ask, but unless we ask for prayer or help, we aren’t allowing someone else the opportunity to give. And, by giving someone the opportunity to give, we are yet still giving. Not our own understanding but God’s.

We are called to live a life of gratefulness for what we do have and even the things we don’t have. I know many times hearing someone else’s struggle I become more grateful mine doesn’t seem so bad anymore and I am pulled out of the miry clay, and given strength to lift them up to God. Our struggles we share are indeed a blessing and encouragement to someone else.

There is always a positive outlook in all things and I pray we all seek the positive in all things, yes even in our struggles and pain. No pain, No gain, right saints?!

God, I lift up the person reading this prayer right now, for their needs and desires that you continue to give them the faith to tarry through, to trust your yoke is easy and burden is light to fight the good fight of faith, blessing them with the comfort and encouragement they need this hour to comfort and encourage someone else even while they suffer in their own trials and fire. God, give them the understanding that when they step out in faith to ask for prayer or help they are still giving by blessing someone else the opportunity to give, bless them in ways they can not deny are from you God and have to shout to someone and testify , “That’s God!” Forgive us our trespasses and continue to be the light that guides our path. We thank you and praise you for the deliverance and salvation of our lives and the lives of the countless You have called in Jesus name, it is done

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Written by Lashon Bush


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