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Thanks is All I Got


Kristine Murphy Cucinotta

Hit a block with writing. It’s hard at first when I have nothing to pour out. It’s like enjoying A favorite meal and you look to see there’s nothing left on your plate. Dang! I was enjoying that, where did it go? I want more.

But, after a day or so, I enjoy taking a rest. Because when things are flowing, it’s day and night and I can’t do anything but write as it comes, so I don’t forget it.

So, in my rest now I am just going to give thanks to the LORD. Y’all are encouraged to comment one or more things you are thankful for too. Would love to hear it.

Thank you Lord for a camper to live in with mine husband and our new furbaby. Thank you for the meals we get and the water to shower and drink. Thank you for heat in the camper. Thank you for my special hide out, slide out in the camper with my stuffed animals. A small quiet place to write. Thank you for all the provisions and protection you bless us with. Thank you for the blood of Jesus and your Holy Spirit and for changing us daily to be more like Christ. Thank you for everything you give us and those things you take away. Thank you for people to fellowship with and pray. You know all the things in my heart I am thankful for and are too numerous to list. Just Thank You!!!!

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