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That Sword, That Sword


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

What makes one glad, what makes one tear

What makes one divided, what makes one near

What makes one secure, what makes one fear

What makes one calm, what makes one angry

What makes one hear, what makes one see

What makes one comforted, what makes one lonely

That Sword, that Sword
The Spirit of The Word

Cuts all so precise
Dividing the truth from lies

Truth remains to have to face
A choice to be made between pride and grace

Which one to follow will grow great
To love unconditionally or to hate

To take matters in our own hands or to faithfully wait
Enter through the narrow gate

Emotions are yield signs to upcoming behavior
The choices we make are seriously major

We may think we have all the time to get it right

But, time will suddenly run out, immediately run to the light

To listen to what others around us perceive

Iron sharpens Iron so all unholiness we can leave

The true battle between the flesh and the Spirit brings peace or the rod

Discipline study showing oneself approved to God

To stop and recognize to hold ourselves accountable
All things can be done through Christ we are able

2nd Timothy 2:13 – “if we are faithless, he remains faithful, for he cannot disown himself.”

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