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The Argument Grew Heated


Harold and Kristine Murphy

The argument grew heated
Feelings arose, The Spirit depleted
Shouting and shoving
Bitter rage, no loving
She stepped out of the camper and saw
Two cars parked beside them; the law
She went back in and told him
She was all disappointed and broken
Take me somewhere else, she insisted
Is there a reason he asked you requested
Yes, if you want to come back here to boondock before we transfer
it is wise we leave quietly and get back under our cover
He said fine let’s go, I hear what you say
They found another lot, and began to pray
This isn’t how God’s chosen are to be
Forgive us O God they both did plea
They rested well and went back where they were
Back in obedience, God’s protected cover
God forgave them and they forgave each other
Enjoying the day together
A wake up call had to be made
In a slumber, they had been played
Falling for the enemy’s snare
Pride and feelings took them there
To the battle of war; flesh verses Spirit
Their flesh and hearts failed them quick
But, God is of mercy and forgiveness He gave
To break free from sin, no longer a slave
The war ended, the battle is over
He told her, You are my precious jewel, my favor
What? she cried hearing these words he said
No one ever told her that, only in God’s word she read
Tears kept pouring, washing her clean
God in her husband she just heard and seen
She cried, that is all I ever prayed for to be
As he affirmed her again, we’ll that’s who you are to me
God never left them, He was there all the while
To turn their frowns into a smile
When they both as one came together in true repentance
To desire God’s will and live in obedience

We thank all y’all for your warm welcome and invite of Give Your Witness ministry to serve the Lord.

This is William and Kristine, we have been called by God for mine husband to lead us in a marriage ministry. Three Cord Covenant Godly Marriage. We have had a slow and rocky start, but we gave it all away, left it all behind and stepping out In Faith to serve God and each other.

We were blessed to pay little for an older camper that we have been having to put money, time and work into, to restore to working order and even still needs much work, even though we are currently living in it now full-time without hookups. Roughing it indeed and recently able to get a campsite one day a week to use their amenities. We are mobile and over the road, going where ever God leads us. We don’t have it all, but we have all we need; God and God supplies our needs. Truly we are blessed with mine husband’s employment to transfer us to different locations every 6 months or so. We are in the process of transferring from SC to arrive in GA near the end of this month.

We were invited to merge with this ministry; another awesome part of the body of Christ. Also, I must add has been a blessing, encouragement and support to mine husband and I. Give Your Witness ministry is definitely God led and that’s rare and far and in between to come by. God continue to bless Give Your Witness ministry.

Mine husband and I are open, real and raw. It is hard to share the painful truth sometimes but, we do so to bring God glory and help one another know they are not alone with their troubles and struggles. I write, mine husband records videos sharing Scripture and his situations, so look forward to videos too.

We share our weakest moments to encourage others, that they are not alone and to keep their covenant with God and each other. To, encourage each other to put God first in their life and marriage. And if our priorities get mixed up, return to our first love; God. God first, whether living together or in a time of separation. Marriage is a serious matter, let no man put asunder. Sometimes, it isn’t so easy to do, but with God and His promise to keep His covenant with us, it is possible and it is done. God takes covenant seriously. God don’t play. Seek God on your face and without ceasing PRAY.

If anyone ever has a prayer request, spoken or unspoken, feel free to message us or comment on any post we share and we will be honored to lift you and your situation to God, who hears and answers prayers. God never forsakes nor leaves us even when we fail him and each other. He is the strand in our cord of three that keeps us together as one and keeps us holy. Not by might, nor by power, by My Spirit Saith the Lord.

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