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The Cross


I woke up one night screaming;
Sweat covered me and I trembled greatly;
I was terrified and frightened;
For I had dreamt I had died;
It wasn’t filled with bright lights and streets of gold;
No, my fate was something much darker and grim;
Filled with fire all around and deadly sounds of screams;
The smell of brimstone filled air;
I was confused as I was a good person;
Everyone loved me and all I did;
As I continued the journey down, I suddenly awoke;
Was any of it real or had it all been a nightmare?
As I tried to settle my mind for the night,
Wonderin’ if this was my ultimate fate;
When, again, I was taken to another place;
This time, it was a dreary, unhappy looking place;
The feeling of terror and fear swept over me;
It was dark and cold for the sun did not shine;
I couldn’t help but wonder where I was;
Out in the distance was a large figure, this I could see;
Despite the darkness, I continued toward it;
As the figure came into view,
I saw a large tree with something on it;
The closer I got, I could see it was a cross;
It looked like the one in all the pictures I had seen;
There was a man nailed to the piece of wood, nearly lifeless;
It was Jesus this I knew;
He was bloody and filled with scars;
All I could do was watch as He groaned;
With His life’s blood gushing out of Him,
He muttered some words that I could not make out;
But I didn’t need to hear them to know,
For I knew He did this for me;
I knew then that it was The Cross that gave me another way;
And all I have to do is accept Him as my Savior;
And tell the world about The Cross;
For Jesus and His Cross is our salvation.

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Written by Billy Ray Parrish


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