Joshua Wilson

The Spirit of addiction, is what the devil uses as manipulation, to torment, captivate, and bound people into sin, including those in the Church. Sex Addicts, Alcoholics, Drug Addicts, etc are ALL driven from ONE thing, depression, it’s a temporary high to get away from your problems, whenever you feel stressed, the depression demon inside of you, puts that thought in your mind, of what would “Help” relieve it. He tells you to have sex, or Watch porn and masturbate, you do it, because you think it’s going to make you feel better, he tells you to drink as much alcohol as you can to get drunk, you do it, because your mind is in a altered state, where the Brain feels no pain or any stress, but in a altered state. He tells you to light up, or roll up and smoke Marijuana, you do it, because it feels good to your brain, it compromises, and slowly destroys the brain cells so you don’t have to think about life around you.

But you realize one thing, every time they did it, it ONLY was a quick fix, till he told them to do it again, the devil will tell you: “Just one more time, and it will go away” but Remember, he’s a LIAR, he will never go away, till you send him away and stop flirting with him. ONLY Jesus Christ can save you! How many of you know today that Jesus Christ IS the Cure! The brain is self medicating itself with sinful pleasure, because ALL sinful individuals that bow to the enemy, ALWAYS start with the mind games, once he has your mind, he’s on the fast track to DESTROY you. Let Jesus cure you today, you don’t need no medication, you don’t need no psychologist, for Man can treat you, he CAN’T cure you, which is why being a Doctor is called a medical “Practice” because they are practicing their profession on your body, they Can’t heal you, because they didn’t create you! The Creator is the HEALER, He is the Cure! The Atheists can’t explain how people came back to life after the doctors signed their death certificate, don’t be baffled, Man can’t raise you from the dead, ONLY the creator can! Come to Jesus, let him cure you, mentally and physically, he wants to bless you, he wants to use YOU! open your heart to Him today, you’ll never be the same in Jesus name.

The Creator is the HEALER, He is the Cure!”

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