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The Generous Heart


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

Complaining, murmuring, mumbling to have to do something for his wife or arguing “He gave something, that is enough” is not loving his wife like Christ loved the church. He gave himself up for her. Give yourself up for her completely.

The generous heart gives more than.
The generous heart does as unto the LORD.
The generous heart seeks not his own.
The generous heart gives unconditionally.
The generous heart doesn’t let adversity get in his way but is that much more determined with confidence in the LORD to give freely as he has been given.
The generous heart knows he isn’t limited and has more than enough to give because his source and provision comes from God.
The generous heart doesn’t need incentive to love his wife, because he has been given in all gratitude and all humility the mercy, grace and love of God.
The generous heart knows the need of mercy, grace and love, desiring nothing more than to give such blessing to his wife.
The generous heart is meek, quiet, comforting and full of compassion. Perfect Peace.

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