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 I have NEVER seen such a time, where people don’t care what they do, how they do it, or who SEES them do it, and I’m talking to some of the Body of Christ. You got people right in the Church, that grew up in the Church, some going to Christian School, and they have FORGOTTEN everything that the Bible has taught them. Saying “I’m a Christian” and going to church on Sunday, but you leave Church the SAME way you came in, Using profanity, listening to secular music, hanging with those friends who are NOT saved, they don’t have Christ on their mind whatsoever, going to the Club to “Turn up” smoking marijuana when its time to “Roll up” but you STILL want to say “Yes, I Know God??”

Sleeping with your Boyfriend or Girlfriend, Fornicating 24/7 Over the Week, but YET, you wanna say “Yes, I’m Christian?” As Christians, we are Supposed to be the LIGHT of the World, we are to tell those unbelievers ABOUT Jesus Christ, not Join them in their sinful ways. If you try to reprove that Brother or Sister out of Love, some will listen, then some get defensive and accuse you of “Judging” them, then they Turn back to what they were doing, as a Dog returning to his OWN Vomit. So why is this Happening??

Because God said this to me Today: “THERE IS NO FEAR”. This Generation of “Professed” Christians, they don’t fear God or his commands, they take them up as “Suggestions” instead of COMMANDS, They think God is giving them “Advice” then a Command, but it’s time to WAKE UP! Rise and Shine, because God HATES a Lukewarm Spirit! You don’t serve God on “Your terms” but we are Called to LOVE AND FEAR him as the Book of Proverbs says, “The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom”. It’s TIME to stop holding hands with satan, but Be YE separated from him! Come all the way to Jesus Christ, forget the worldly things that are behind, but Seek YE FIRST the Kingdom, And All His Righteousness shall be added unto you. Put some RESPECT on God’s name, stop treating him like he’s one of your Enemies, but BOW to him, Obey him, and FEAR him, for he is Our FATHER, he is the Greatest Power. 


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