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Three Cord Covenant



Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

In hopes all is well. Be encouraged God always provides. Here’s an update I shared with a couple of you already, those who haven’t had the opportunity to hear what God is doing and give him praise, this is for you.

God is protecting us and providing for us, Yes he is, oh yes he is.

First, I drove William to work, so keep him lifted for healing prayers 🙏

I will be packing and check us out this morning of this hotel room, going over to stay at my friend’s house until William gets his transfer date, it’s all approved and going as God planned and timed.

Then we head out of state, to a property of someone else we know to pitch tent until she leaves and we housesit for her a couple of months.

Just gonna be extremely busy from here on out, while we are here with Dr visits and me helping clean out and organize my friend’s “house” physical & Spiritual, back to normal and clean, it was wrecked and destroyed.

So, yeah we def can use every prayer we can get, with all our body aliments with pain. Just gotta suck it up buttercup And push through, no doubt The LORD is our strength and leading us in his will even in suffering and loss, it will be worth it all.

To God be the glory and we are praying for you too! All of our brethren and sisters to be blessed and encouraged to fight that good fight of faith and rest in the Lord, he is fighting for us, these battles are his.

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