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Joshua Wilson

What we are seeing right now going on in the World, is Contractions of the Spiritual pregnancy, of a Earth that is about to give Birth based on Matthew 24:8 “THAT ALL THESE THINGS ARE THE BEGINNING OF SORROWS” in other versions of the Bible it’s interpreted as “Birth Pangs” Let me explain. When Jesus Christ redeemed our sins, he finished his mission that the Father had called him to do, as he departed the Earth on a Cloud, he said he would return one day, since then.

The Seed of Christ, which is the Church, (He is our Father and we are his Children) has been growing in the spiritual Womb, generation through Generation, As Bible prophecy continued, the Church ages clock started ticking faster, the bigger the spiritual womb gets, the more happens in the World, And now…we are reaching a time where the Earth is in Labor, Contractions happening like a Woman in Travail, One birth pang after another, and they are coming together one by one, you may Wonder, what do I mean by this?

The Lord is sending a great sign, that Earth can no LONGER hold God’s children, The Holy Ghost has been the Restrainer through the Generations, but the World in its sin, and wicked devices, have confirmed Bible prophecy, and as a Woman about to go forth with her delivery, The Earth is about to go through it spiritually, because Jesus has been a expectant Father, in the Waiting room of life, he’s watched down through the generations as the womb got bigger, as a Husband would be watching his Wife as she goes through her Trimesters as months go by, for He DOESN’T KNOW WHEN it will happen, only the Heavenly Father, who is the Doctor in the delivery room knows when his creation the Earth, will give Birth to the Babe (The Church) and Jesus is told the signal, When to COME, for it’s ALMOST time for the Earth to push out the Saints.

May those who have understanding, let them comprehend what I’m trying to say, Jesus Christ is coming VERY soon, to get his Babies that the Earth is up about to Birth out! His other Children, who are the great cloud of Witnesses that has came before us in Heaven, will be right there with him, as we pass out of the Earth’s womb, back into our Father’s arms forever. The Birth is soon to happen, its time to get right, Seek the Lord with the little time you have, for he is coming…to get His Beautiful Babes.

-Joshua Wilson


-Matthew 24:8

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