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Truth Will Prevail


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

There are some who question God’s existence. Some demand facts, needing miracles and signs and wonders to believe.

Though, God has created us all to know right from wrong with a conscience. Unfortunately, God’s word says if we ignore and deny our conscience we will end up with hardened hearts.

Because we have all fallen short of the glory of God, born into sin, God has designed Salvation as an escape from our punishment of sin to be weighed on our conscience. This allows us to truly know we can not save ourselves and are in need of a Savior.

By taking accountability for our wrong doings and believing by faith that Jesus Christ died for our sins, to free us from sin, to be restored back to the family of God, a prodigy children, we are forgiven and receive life for eternity with God. By faith we are saved through grace; undeserved favor. We return to our first love, creator of us and all things.

We are to share our testimonies, preach the gospel and encourage others to The Savior, but when we share, one must make the choice to believe by faith, what is not seen to be saved. The saying, “We can lead a horse to water, but we can’t make him drink. “

Do not be discouraged when one will not believe. But, be encouraged of the seed God has blessed us to plant. Only God by His Holy Spirit can soften and convict hearts.

It can make us impatient to know someone is in need of the Savior and we desire them to have what we have. But, stay the course, steadfast and true, do what God has called you to do.

Be the light of the world, the salt of the earth, not only be born in the Spirit but to walk in the Spirit, bring doers of the Word. Don’t think of it as failure when one chooses not to believe. But, believe God has chosen you to do your part and your part is done by sharing truth and walking in truth. He stands at the door and knocks.

Truth never fails and will always be brought to light, keep shining the way, the truth and the life. Study the word, show thyself approved unto God, stay in much prayer and fasting too. Many denied Jesus Christ as He walked the earth, teaching and preaching, many will deny truth from us too. Keep following Jesus, bearing our cross, in obedience until our physical death to be raised into eternal life like Christ.

Take a moment today and comment a praise and thanks to God on this post, if you haven’t yet shared one of your many testimonies, write one here in the comments and share with us, we are all in need of encouraging and we are commanded to. We pray Give Your Witness is an encouragement to you as well we hope you encourage us as well. Be blessed and be a blessing.

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