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What Condition Is Your Heart In?


Joshua Wilson

The Lord spoke this word into me tonight. The question is to the professed christian brethren..If God were to open up your heart, what would he find?? Would he find it swept and garished?

Many know how to put on a good front, a good face in church also in front of our christian friends..we can sing, dance, and (put together) a mumbled tongue as if you got the Holy Ghost… which you may not.. just to impress your friends who may be really saved and really have the annointing.

You may be wondering.. what am I saying here? Many People in the church are doing all this pomp and circumstance because they really don’t know Jesus, they’ve never felt him..they sing the songs, play the part, read the word..but the word isn’t written inside of them..nor is it a path set before them.

REMEMBER: Jesus said let the word be a lamp unto thy feet and a light unto thy path, also bind his commandments upon thy fingers, and write them on the table of thy heart.

Many of these folks today aren’t doing so because they are only vain lip service, their heart is bare of him.. their soul is empty of him… they don’t know the true living God. The Lord showed me the hearts of many are like a cupboard that is completely empty, completely swept and garnished, you don’t know what it looks like from the inside until you SEARCH IT, you expect before you open it to find something in it..but in reality it’s complete emptiness.

All who read tonight, do you know Jesus in your heart, or is your heart bare like a cupboard? When he searches your heart, is he going to find you full of his Love? Or will he open you up to find you empty?

Do you have Salvation or do you have religion? As the Bible says wherever your treasure lies, there will your heart be also.. does your treasure lie in Jesus or in the world? It’s time to get our house in order, REPENT!

Stop playing church, stop playing with God, you KNOW you aren’t where you need to be, but you want leadership positions in your church?? You want to be a choir member, Deacon, Missionary, etc what can you lead when YOU yourself can’t lead yourself to Holiness??

Who can you lead to Christ, when YOU aren’t truly saved? I can hear the spirit saying Luke 6:39 “AND HE SPOKE A PARABLE UNTO THEM: CAN THE BLIND LEAD THE BLIND? SHALL THEY NOT BOTH FALL INTO THE DITCH?”

This is the issue today that troubles the church, you got Pastors who’s hearts are also empty cupboards..they are blind, they are spiritually inept, they can’t discern, edify or lay hands on the sick for them to be healed for they have NO annointing.

The church has fell in the ditch, which is why the enemy has run rampant.. he’s taken advantage of the lack of annointed believers, for the HUNGER AND THIRST for salvation like it was in the old times..has ceased for the desire is no longer there.

Jesus is coming for a Holy church, with her garments white, which means HALF of the proclaimed christians won’t make it.. because they are spiritually empty cupboards, a good appearance on the outside..but NOTHING down on the inside.

Come taste and see that the Lord is good..let go of your “way” of life and come to know the Life HE wants for you. The biggest lie the devil sells into the Hearts of you have TIME but tomorrow is promised to NO man, come to know him, serve him..give him your all, for he is waiting for your call.


-LUKE 6:39

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