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What God Has Shown Me


Joshua Wilson

I want to share what the Lord showed me. And I post not to get an “Approval” from ANYBODY, If you don’t like what God says, unfriend me, because I don’t come on THIS platform and post selfies 24/7 and talk foolishness, I post what THUS SAITH THE LORD! A lot of people are complaining about looting and destruction of their Worldly Possessions, but Jesus is saying: “DO NOT COVET THE THINGS OF THIS WORLD!” Your precious buildings, Buisinesses and ALL Will be destroyed soon! And beloved it’s going to COME down to, WHAT did you spend all your time into building up??? Your Name, brand, buisiness, or your RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ?? Did you spend ALL your time trying to make wealth, or did you invest in your SPIRITUAL health? Jesus said when he returns, EVERYTHING will be thrown down, this all will turn to ashes! And I ask the QUESTION AGAIN, Did you put TIME into your own Salvation? Did you spend more time into the carnal things than the spiritual? For PAY DAY is coming, and I’m not talking about direct deposit! The Bible says WHATSOEVER A MAN SHALL SOW, THAT SHALL HE ALSO REAP! You can be a successful Businessman or Businesswoman, built up your own company and you are worried about fire being set to it by protesters, you have FEAR all you’ve worked for will be lost. God is Saying WHERE IS THAT FEAR FOR YOUR SOUL??? All the days you’ve lived on Earth will be LOST if you Die WITHOUT ME!!! Eternal fire will be set to the building that houses your soul, and there is NO fireman to put out that fire, there is no policemen to arrest the culprit, WHY? Because YOU are your own LOOTER to your OWN soul! Looter definition means a person who steals Goods during a war or riot. The Goods You’ve stole, is You’ve Robbed GOD of your Spiritual life if you aren’t truly saved! You’ve stolen life from Him that he laid down his life to pick it up again to give YOU! Those who never accept Jesus, lived a Worthless life. And this War, is LIFE itself where You’ve protested against God for So long, you KNEW which way was right but you chose your own Path, you chose your OWN highway. I hear the Spirit saying Matthew 7:13-14 “ENTER YE IN AT THE STRAIT GATE: FOR WIDE IS THE GATE, AND BROAD IS THE WAY, THAT LEADS TO DESTRUCTION, AND MANY THERE BE WHICH GO IN THEREAT: BECAUSE STRAIT IS THE GATE, AND NARROW IS THE WAY, WHICH LEADETH UNTO LIFE, AND FEW THERE BE THAT FIND IT”. I ask for the final time brethren, HAVE you truly found it?? If you build your Kingdom on earth and NOT in Heaven you are in danger of not just dying once but twice! JESUS is coming soon my dear brother, my dear sister, It is NOT a time to be caught up in COVETOUSNESS! But get your Buildings, your Temple that is your body in ORDER! SEEK ye the Lord, Seek YE the HOLY GHOST while he can be found! You don’t have to be a destructive memory that will be forgotten, for that’s what happens when those who die in their sins! But be YE a Son or Daughter in Christ, Come into the Sheepfold, for those who build up their spiritual Foundation and put him FIRST, he will never forsake us, he will NEVER put us last.


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