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Work while you are waiting on the Lord


But as for me, I will look to the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation; my God will hear me.

Micah 7:7

Many of us are waiting on the Lord for many different reasons. What we all have in common is we are waiting for Christ to return and we are praying and waiting for God to send his provision over our personal situations. While we wait the Bible has promised us abundance and a satisfying life. Many of us are waiting for our breakthrough and our overflow but as we wait what should we be doing?

Many people are standing still and confusing their unproductively with waiting on the Lord. When God left us with a promise, he left us with a vision. We have to use that vision and create a lifestyle that’s sustains us. The Bible says “your gift will make room for you” (Proverbs 18:16). Some of us have not discovered our gift yet, while many of us have things we naturally do well, that we want to pursue but have not gone into action. We keep making excuses saying I’m waiting for the money to come in, I’m waiting for the connections to come before I establish a plan ect. It is this mentality that is keeping many people stuck.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you like to cook, you’ve been cooking your entire life and you would love to start your own catering business. You know you need a loan or some type of investment to begin your catering journey. So you continue to cook meals for your family and friends and tell everyone you are waiting on the Lord. But again, as you are waiting you should still be investing your time in what you want to do. The Bible says “God helps those who help themselves” (Hezekiah 6:1). Instead of allowing another moment to go by, you should be working towards the earthy heavenly and promise.

God helps those who help themselves”

Hezekiah 6:1

You may not have the provision you need to start a catering company now but there are other steps that still need to be taken care of so that your business is successful. Like, writing a business plan. Have you picked out your branding colors? Have you come up with a catering menu? Do you have a book of at least 10 recipes? Do you know your local and international vendors? Do you know your local and international competitors? Do you know how much it cost to prepare the meal, how much will you charge for it and how much will you profit off of each plate? Do you recipes contain peanuts or other foods that spike allergies? Do you have a vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten free and vegan menu option available for your customers? Do you know the measurements for each recipe? These are all examples of things many people do not think about when they’re trying to pursue something new. They only seem to focus on the fact that they want a cooking business.

What God is saying in this hour is, you need to be working while you are waiting. Work towards your promise. Let me give you another example, you are a single woman for your spouse. What should you be doing in the meantime? Perhaps, brushing up on your domestic skills, budgeting skills and communication skills. Because whatever issues you have with yourself now, if you don’t handle it you will bring it into your marriage. While you are waiting on your promise, you need to be working towards your purpose. There are so many things we should be doing to keep ourselves productive.

There are far too many Christians who are reading the word of God and believing the word of God but not putting the word of God into action in their personal lives. The wisdom the Bible is giving you will be the same wisdom you take into your catering business or your marriage (or whatever you’re trying to pursue). We use that wisdom to build ourselves spiritually, physically and in our every day lives. It’s time for us to get up and take action and accountability for our non-action. God has given us wisdom, knowledge, understanding and commonsense. When we use all of these biblical tools and apply them to our lives, we unlock the favor of the Lord over what we are trying to pursue.

So as we wait on the Lord to advance us and we continue to seek him in his word, let us continue to be productive in our pursuit towards our purpose. Let us continue to do our part because a worker is worth their wages ( 1 Timothy 5:8). If we continue to actively pursue and perfect our gift and drive it towards God‘s purpose, when the time is right God will send provision and you will be prepared for action. Ready to go with a business plan, and on your way to success.

Work while you’re waiting on the Lord.

Run well.

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Written by haloharris

Prophetess Andrea “Halo” Harris-Walker is a multi-gifted Prophetess for the Kingdom of God and founder of Halo Harris Prophetic Ministries. Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, CA, Prophetess Andrea’s ministry began in 2015 after the death of her first child. That untimely tragedy propelled her spiritual growth; after hitting rock bottom with no place to go but up. Her obedience in answering the call granted her access to ministering online and teaching women biblical discipleship.

Since 2015, Prophetess Andrea has published 13 Christian books, a gospel album on iTunes and expanded into community outreach and personal development coaching. She believes in an upfront and honest approach towards the ministry. This woman of God will not tickle your ears, rather she will impart wisdom by addressing issues with the Word in love. The enemy never stood a chance.


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