I’ma Keep Pleading


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

I know God’s promises and until they come about
I’ma keep pleading and crying out
I know what God said
And I keep telling mine head
He may not like it, He may not agree
But, I’ma keep telling him until he will receive
I know we aren’t where we should be
I know we both fail God daily
I know we are stalemate, in a rut
I know we ain’t doing what we are suppose to, I feel it in my gut
I fall silent and wait patiently
Then I burn inside and you can’t hush me
There is no excuse, no explanation needed
Until we discipline ourselves we are being defeated
The harvest is plentiful, the workers are few
Until our calling is made top priority, God’s Spirit isn’t shining through
We were chosen and set apart
I render the enemy harmless, he must depart
There is a block, a hindrance and I command it to move
I won’t stop fighting for what God said we will do
This isn’t for the faint of heart nor to be treated as a side job
Our work is to build God’s Kingdom and I won’t allow the enemy to rob
He has no authority over me and what God said
I will keep pleading and crying for it
Because, I know when that fire gets lit
There will be no stopping us
One magnificent fire blazing for Jesus
Fire, Fire, Fire
I call fire in us both
God is always willing, He will never loath
God is a consuming fire
I pray to burn in our hearts, God’s desire
To do as He commands us in His will and purpose
God, bring your fire and consume us
Burn away infirmities, purify this mess
Until there is order, I will cry distress
God, I won’t stop reminding you and mine husband
The promises you made will come to past by your righteous hand
And you will send us ablazing across this hurting land
To lead others back to you
To heal, restore and renew
To step out and walk by faith
Not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit the Lord saith
Convict us both to submit under your Holy order
Send what you will but free us from this chaotic disorder
You anointed and appointed us as one flesh to minister
By the way of your Holy Spirit, You will deliver
I desire submission and Your divine order
Because I know what You promised
God you never fail, Your mercies are too great to list
And I hold onto Your word spoken clearly
That June 6th day 8 years you spoke it to me
And until it comes about
I’ma keep pleading and crying out

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