Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

2 Timothy 3 speaks directly to people today
Trucebreakers, don’t keep to what they say
Flattery lying tongue accusations and blame
The chaos and havoc they wreak is all the same
They make promises and break them without care
Do what pleases them, never reliable sometimes here or over there
They come to make agreements just to get what they want
They dont care their act is a front
Wolf in sheep’s clothing, a fake
Them coming to you was no mistake
They seek out their prey for the kill
Even profess they are of God in His will
But, they have no feelings for you at all
They just use you to protect their own fall
Then accuse you, Its all your fault and you are the heartless one
They act like nothing happened and nothing wrong they done
They are slick and they are sly
Always broken promises living a lie
Their ears are deaf and eyes are blind
Their hearts are hard with a wicked mind
Word twisters, they master your every emotion
Play you like a fiddle is their only devotion
The only thing they are faithful and commited to is their own self
Beware their flattery is their stealth
You will know them by their fruit
Everything is up for dispute
To hide from truth
Only excuse after excuse
Blah blah blah, they go on and on
They wear you down with many words to stay strong
Trucebreaker trucebreaker you can’t hide from God
He has given me the courage and authority to call you out and trod

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